The Fuel Inside Us Introverts

They’ll never know. They’ll never know how much fire I have inside of me. Is this you introvert?

I know, I feel the exact same way. People always seem to be shocked when I tell them my ideas. What they don’t know is, we have the exact same fire that extroverts or everyone else has. We just might not show the world the same way they do, which is outward. And, that’s ok. We have to be proud of who we are. Don’t let that fuel die down. Ignite it, and when you’re ready, find the best way to let it out. Don’t hold back, just be YOU!

As introverts, I believe we have some of the most lavish visions and creative ideas just going around in our heads. Sometimes, we’re afraid to tell others these ideas because they may be against the norm, or just plain weird. So, the ideas just stay right inside our heads. I fall victim to this too. I always find myself trying to perfect my idea before telling someone else about it. And I’m learning that I can’t always be perfect. I have to find a way to let my ideas and dreams out there. Raw, uncut, however it may be, I just have to get it out there. And that’s something I think all of us should do. I think I’ve found my way, which is writing. As an introvert, I feel I can communicate my words better when writing. No one’s there to tell what I can and what I can’t say. It’s slowly becoming more and more therapeutic for me.

So, fellow introvert, I hope you find something that helps you let out that fuel freely. Let those great and not so great ideas and dreams out. I know you have dreams about changing the world. I know you have dreams about how life should be. I know you have super confidence in you. How do I know, because I am just like you. Just do it! I promise you’ll feel a lot better.

Leave a comment below with a great or not so great idea you have. No judgement here :).

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